Foie Gras Exposed

A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals a system of malicious animal torture at Hudson Valley Foie Gras in New York—an Amazon foie gras supplier.

Learn more about the investigation and what you can do at

3 Responses to Foie Gras Exposed

  1. Brigitte Bardot has spoken out – much to the chagrin of her French compatriots – against foie gras; but when she speaks out against Halal slaughter she faces the wrath of the loony left; whilst vegans who have allied themselves with the loony left just prefer to avoid the Halal issue altogether. Go figure.

  2. Brigitte Bardot is a far right wing racist which is why people don’t want to hear what she has to say. She does veganism no favors.

  3. If Bardot is “far right” and a “racist” in your opinion, why does she face the wrath of those French people who believe that foie gras should be protected as part of their culture?

    Bardot is consistent in her veganism, criticising both native and foreign barbarity towards animals. It is the loony-left vegans who are inconsistent and do veganism no favours.

    I am happy to listen to people like Bardot who are consistent in their vegan ethics. It is those who are wilfully inconsistent that aren’t worth listening to.


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