Flashback Friday: Feb. 5, 2010

Flashback Friday: Feb. 5, 2010

Here are the Vegan Soapbox posts from this last week… organized:


  • Vegan Super Bowl – some potluck ideas
  • Vegan Food Round-Up – just what it says
  • What About Fortified Foods? – some nutritional info
  • Vegan Sugar – do vegans eat it or not?
  • Vegan Bake Sale Coming Up?? – some tips to make a vegan bake sale more effective

  • Are You Already Vegan? – some ideas for activism
  • Margin Of Certainty – if you’re vegan, please watch this video!
  • NEWS

  • Vegan Bites: Bake Sales, Lentils, & Burnout – collection of vegan-related news and stuff
  • Hunters Help Nature? – do we really need more killers?
  • Daniel Shaull’s Sacrifice – a man set himself on fire, possibly in protest of a fur store

  • Evolving Into Veganism – growing emotionally or spiritually may lead you to veganism
  • “I Never Thought…” – the reality of eating animals
  • Renee, Let’s Talk – four good videos and a rebuttal of an anti-vegan
  • As a bonus, here is a recipe video I found on YouTube:


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