Ellen Goes Vegan

She was vegetarian before, but now she’s a vegan!

“that last week at the Proposition 2 benefit in LA, Ellen DeGeneres officially came out as a full-fledged vegan.” (source)

10 Responses to Ellen Goes Vegan

  1. That’s great. It seems like just the other day I was reading Francione describing her love for her adopted dog (I think) as hypocritical because she was a meat eater. What a wonderful transformation!

  2. I’m hearing rumors that Ellen is in fact not vegan – nor is she a vegetarian. Is that true?

    ~ Recent blog post: On comparisons. ~

  3. I am happy to see she has gone vegan. I found it funny, though, that the youtube clip is from 1999 where she announces that she is vegetarian. If you check out her lunches on her website, on April 23, 2008, she has chicken noodle soup, on April 8th, she had baby greens with steak…not vegetarian meals in my book. Her latest lunches are vegan, though. I hope she sticks with it and doesn’t join the “happy meat” train.

  4. Yeah, I just wanted a video clip where she was positive about vegetarianism :)

  5. Ellen really just looks too good now to not be vegan. She really looks very happy. And I think it’s more than “love”, I think it’s “awareness”. We all know vegan is in steps, layers and by degrees… I’d like to give her every positive kudo I can –
    Watching this video pleased me… thanks Elaine for posting it :)

  6. I wish ellen would list some of her favorite recipes. I’m looking for recipes for the holidays. Especially main dishes and appetizers. thanks

  7. Hmmm….so what does she feed her dog then? Is the dog also a vegan?


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