Elizabeth Carlisle Gets Slap On The Wrist

There you have it. Elizabeth Carlisle: the Petland employee who drowned two rabbits, yelled at them because they didn’t die fast enough, then had her picture taken with the two dead animals while smiling and who then posted it all on Facebook so she could brag about her killing spree to her buddies got of with a slap on the wrist. (my previous post about Carlisle: drowning rabbits

probation for drowned rabbits

I have to say: I am pleased that she at least got a conviction in the first place. But a 250 dollar fine, some community service and a probation seems very little for the clear and utter disregard of both animal life and suffering. This was clear animal cruelty at its core to me at its. Even from a very traditional animal welfare point of view there was no excuse for this. And still she has many supporters and got off easy. The punishment should have been far sterner to send a clear signal.

But the signal that was sent appears to be the opposite of what was needed for the animals. And it becomes quite clear when you read some of the utterly retarded comments made on that news article (they really make me angry).

jimrchrt wrote:

anyone that has grown up on or around a farm knows that this is a perfectly acceptable means of dispatching a tiny animal , next to ringing its neck,

Of course total nonsense. According to these folks who like to brag about ‘responsible use of animals’ they need to die quickly. Drowning them takes minutes. And he doesn’t forget to mention the delicious taste of rabbit either.

Steve wrote:

People are putting there kids in the trash. Who cares about a couple f-ing rabbits?

And how does this defend blatant animal cruelty and breaking the law?

Apprasit wrote:

What a waste of my tax dollars …all over a couple of useless rabbits, who multiply by the thousands if you’ll let them, just another cute form of vermin,like deer..

This one says it all now doesn’t it.

Reading those comments while taking into account what happened really depresses me. We still have a long way to go. But whatever you say or do…You can’t talk empathy and compassion into people. It seems to me that there are many people out there who just want to act like monsters because they can. And they will enjoy it and brag about it as much as they can. Sometimes our entire struggle feels so hopeless.

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12 Responses to Elizabeth Carlisle Gets Slap On The Wrist

  1. Don’t talk about her, don’t post pictures of her, in fact completely ignore her. No fame NO GAIN

  2. Oh my god! I’m just now hearing about this. That girl is evil. There is something wrong with her. Seriously. You can see it in her eyes. She is sick, sick, sick!

    What kind of evil person can drown rabbits? Seriously!

    This makes me want to get a Facebook account just so I can tell her off! What a piece of sh-t waste of human DNA.
    .-= veganprimate´s last blog ..I’m going to lose my renaissance woman cred =-.

  3. It reminds me reading this blog post on killing birds (http://kylelightner.com/blog/?p=6037) from a photographer that I actually really like lately and finding out he is a prick.
    So disapointing.

  4. ‘Utterly retarded’? Hypnos, could I please ask you to refrain from using such offensive language? The Vegan Soapbox Discussion Policy actually explicitly states that it prohibits ableist comments, so there’s not much excuse for it showing up in blog posts.

  5. It seems to me that there was this guy named Michael Vick who did this stuff to innocent dogs… he was punished (sort of) for that. Why does this girl get an easier sentence? They need to add Psychological Treatment to her sentence as well, at the very least.

  6. @john: Yes, her punishment was way too light. And the support she got shows that we are moving in the wrong direction.

    @Claudia: I don’t think ignoring this is going to do us any good. She didn’t do it to become famous.
    .-= oneandonlyhypnos´s last blog ..Elizabeth Carlisle gets slap on the wrist =-.

  7. Definitely post pictures of her and her name so people will know wherever she goes what kind of person she is. She reminds me of Amanda Knox, the student from Washington who is on trial in Italy for murder. She too posted public pictures of herself and short stories she wrote about murder, and frankly, if you are unable to realize why that is problematic, then you likely have some lack of appropriate connection with reality. Petland and their employees have a serious lack of judgment and compassion.

  8. I was appalled to see this article (sent to me via PETA). And then to see that creature holding up the two defenseless animals that she killed absolutely enrages me. I am so tired of these cruel sick “people” who like to torture animals. I don’t care for the death penalty – but in my opinion – degenerates like this Carlisle – should have been smothered at birth, instead of probably passing on her twisted genes and callousness to another generation.

  9. To take an animal’s life to consume it is one thing. To take an animal’s life just for enjoyment is sick, loathesome and plain old mean. I wonder how she would like to be beat up and held underwater for a while? But that would be against the law, wouldn’t it? She’s a person and alive after all, and god knows how every other human around has so much respect for life. She should’ve been thrown in jail and given a $10,000 fine with 1 yr community service, cleaning up prisoner latrines, for this act of utter cruelty.

  10. Animal cruelty is animal cruelty. Animals have rights too. She should have the same sentence as M. Vick. There is NO EXCUSE for ANIMAL ABUSE!

  11. This woman is a MONSTER!!! I wouldn’t want her around animals or small children! She looks thrilled at what she has done to those rabbits! What kind of people raised a horrible person like this! I feel sorry for the children she gives birth to! Could you imagine having a mother like her????? A cruel #$%*!!!!


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