Egg Substitutes

From the MFA blog:

In response to the recent nationwide recall of over a half-billion eggs, the Philadelphia Daily News reported on the myriad egg substitutes available for use in baking.

From the Philly Daily News:

One tablespoon ground flax and 4 tablespoons water equals one egg.

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Exactly which ingredients will do what, and in what combination with each other, is a science, or “alchemy,” as Rivers Samson calls it, that takes some experimenting. But a surprising number of ingredients can be substituted, she says, including water.

“People do get excited and scared about replacing eggs,” she said, “but if a recipe only calls for one or two, you don’t need to do anything but add more water or other baking liquid – for example, rice milk. When it’s that few, it’s just a question of a puffy texture, and water will do that.

That’s a great sub! Because water doesn’t have any cholesterol, fat, sugar, gluten, soy or anything else someone might object to.

More substitutes for eggs, from the same article:

  • One tablespoon ground flax and 4 tablespoons water equals one egg.
  • flour can be a good binder “as long as there’s enough water,” and that fluffiness can be achieved by various acid-rich additions. “Tomato juice, vinegar or lemon juice will all boost the leavening power of baking soda or baking powder.”
  • “If the egg is enriching and binding a dish, as is the case in crème brûlée and the mousse, then something like silken tofu will replace the creaminess while not steering the flavor profile too far away, like peanut butter might. Actually, a combination of tofu and another fat, such as vegan margarine or shortening, might work well.

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