Dolphin Trafficking

“The dolphin hunt in Japan is supported by people from the international dolphinarium industry. The annual dolphin slaughter provides an easy way for dolphinariums to obtain young, unblemished dolphins, suitable for commercial exploitation in captive dolphin shows and swim-with-dolphins programs.” [...]

“It all comes down to money. A dolphin slaughtered for its meat will bring in about $700. Dolphins captured during a Taiji dolphin drive have been sold to dolphinariums for as much as $154,000 per dolphin! The dolphin killers simply would not be able to prosper on the annual dolphin slaughter if members of the zoo and aquarium industry were not paying top dollar for live dolphins.”

This is how many zoos, aquariums, and dolphin swim programs obtain their dolphins. This is why we must boycott zoos, aquariums, and other programs that use animals for entertainment.

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One Response to Dolphin Trafficking

  1. You are absolutely right. I believe, that dolphins (and many other animals) should definitely not be exploited like that. Dancing bears, “funny” elephants who do tricks and similar things should simply be forbidden. Trafficking life is cruel and needs to stop. And yeah, you are right again saying – all comes down to money. When will humanity learn from its faults involving money and misusing it?
    Thanks for this post.


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