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Martha Stewart is having a vegetarian Thanksgiving and Glenn Beck cares about animals? Whoa, what’s going on here?

Jonathan Safran Foer said in an interview:

“Look, someone like Glenn Beck could not have a turkey and that’s fine, but what I would so strongly prefer is that he had a week-long series about animal agriculture in America. I have no interest in prying a turkey from his hands. Frankly, he could do so much more good in the world then his individual choice.

I was on Martha Stewart the other day and she did a whole show devoted to the problems with the meat industry. It was so incredibly brave. She got on television and said, ‘The meat industry is bad. The meat industry is secretive. We don’t want these products.’ She said she’s having a vegetarian thanksgiving. This issue’s going to tip by people acting like that.

You know, Glenn Beck already cares about this stuff, he does. I mean these are very traditional American values—they’re even conservative. I would love to engage him in a conversation where that became apparent, where he left not feeling angry with me, but angry at this [meat] industry that’s taking advantage of his values. It’s all about finding ways to mainstream this and to make all these alliances visible, and then maybe one day we’ll have the luxury of getting into arguments over that one percent.

Emphasis added.

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