Dear Vegetarians…

Dear Vegetarians…

Hey vegetarian!

So, I heard you’re a vegetarian but not a vegan.

I sympathize. I was vegetarian for a long time before I went vegan. There were a lot of reasons I didn’t go vegan and I’m guessing there are a lot of reasons you haven’t gone vegan.

One reason I continued to eat dairy and eggs: when I first tried to go vegan my omni “friends” sabotaged me by putting animal products into my food. They were mean and they bullied me into eating more like them. (Some omnis try to trick or bully vegans and vegetarians. One poll suggests about 10-20% of omnis deliberately feed vegans nonvegan food.)

Anyway, I stayed vegetarian for a long time before I went vegan. I justified my dairy and egg consumption in a variety of ways (claiming that veganism was too difficult, too expensive, too ineffective, or too unhealthy) until finally I felt free enough to go vegan for good.

My freedom came in the forms of:

  • knowledge - I learned that veganism is easy, cheap, effective, and healthy
  • resources - websites, restaurants, clubs, books and more helped me learn where and how to eat
  • loving relationshipswith human and nonhuman animals helped me get honest about my priorities
  • experience - I spent a vacation (at Farm Sanctuary) as a 100% vegan to try it out and I realized it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it was

And now there’s no going back. I’m totally and completely converted. I’ll be vegan for the rest of my life.

Vegetarian is kind of obvious: flesh is flesh. You can’t get meat (yet) without killing animals. (This is why some children go vegetarian of their own volition, when they realize where meat comes from, they’re often horrified and want to stop it.)

But with milk and eggs the harm is not as obvious. Often someone needs to help make the connections. I’m here for you to make those connections.

If you’re interested, here are some links and a video that might help persuade you to dump the dairy:

And here are some links and a video regarding eggs:

This is a good website for why free-range or organic is not enough:
Humane Myth. The cows and chickens still die. And they still live horrible lives.

Please consider taking your vegetarianism to its logical conclusion: veganism.

Take care,
Elaine, vegan

(PS – feel free to forward this letter to another vegetarian.)

11 Responses to Dear Vegetarians…

  1. Great post!

    Aside from the fact that animals raised for dairy and eggs are still killed for meat after their bodies have been completely used up, there is also the “ick” factor to think about. I mean, why would you voluntarily consume the bodily excretions of an animal? Pus, snot, urine, feces, blood, semen, eggs, lactations… yuck!

    Eggs = chicken periods.

    Dairy, it’s like stealing milk from a baby (calf).

    Go vegan!

  2. My father, now in his 50s, has been a vegetarian since he was 17. I’m *still* trying to convince him to give up milk and eggs. He’s stuck on the “you don’t *have* to kill animals to get milk and eggs” part; he doesn’t seem able to separate the ideal (which I guess would be some imaginary world where every vegetarian has a few adopted cows and chickens, who happily and willingly offer up their bodily secretions as a gift to their guardians…and unicorns live free and puppies speak human) from the practical (the mass production of such products requires billions of deaths in order to remain profitable).

    Sigh. It’s frustrating.

  3. I wish someone had sent this to me when I was veg! Brilliant post.

    ~ Recent blog post: FAQ #26: Can you eat chocolate? Doesn’t it have cocoa butter in it? ~

  4. Hi,
    I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 11 years now.
    About 2 years ago I decided to give up dairy products. Therefore I started drinking soya milk and very quickly felt so much better. Because it has no lactose, it’s the best thing for people whose organism doesn’t tolerate this substance. I replaced regular chocolate with dark chocolate and stop eating products that were made with milk or eggs.
    Right now I only eat eggs from home bred hens (in my country people in the villages still raise hens to produce eggs – so they can sell them in city markets – and the animals aren’t kept in cages), sometimes honey (bees also aren’t hurt in the process) and unfortunately cheese once in a while…where I live there’s still no alternative to cheese :( However I’m gradually cutting it from my diet.
    One more thing…all the soya I eat is non GMO and it’s not grown in rainforests – we have to realize that by eating the ‘wrong’ kind of soya we’re harming the environment even more and contributing to the death of more animals than non-vegetarians…

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  6. You know I am vegetarian for a reason of health (go ahead and say how stupid that is but than again if you lost a child at birth you might do it too if it was a health issue but maybe that is just me). I love reading what others think, what foods they cook and how they do things but I hate scare tactics to get people to think they are horrible because of how they eat. Well I try 100% to stay away from this and NEVER try to show stuff like this. I find it funny cause most people who push veganism on people would hate if I pushed my religious beliefs on them.

    ~ Recent blog post: Thrifty Green Menu Planning ~

  7. Courtney,

    It is very narrow minded to label the dissemination of information a ‘scare tactic’. One can question the validity of the information; however, it is only from a privileged position that one can say that being informed about the results of that privilege is ‘pushy’.

    It stands to reason that we should be made aware of the consequences of our actions. Fear of this awareness compels knee-jerk accusations of prosletization: being presented with the outcome of our desire for dairy ice cream made actionable causes discomfort which manifests in ad hominem arguments and appeals to tangential examples (e.g. religion).

    I might ask, if I were to make a racist aware of the consequence of his racism, would that be analogous to ‘pushing my religious beliefs on him’? If not Courtney, your position here begs the question.

    ~ Recent blog post: Behind the Myth: ‘Happy Cows’ ~

  8. GO VEGANS!!! :D

    ~ Recent blog post: Red Snow? :P ~

  9. I find it funny cause most people who push veganism on people would hate if I pushed my religious beliefs on them.

    Well, there is a big difference. Vegans, pushy or not, are exposing people to the truth. Religious people are pushing a fairy tale onto people.

  10. Moreover, if I went to a website called “ChristianSoapbox” I’d be truly disappointed if they weren’t “preachy” ;)


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