Danielle Miller Is A Vegetarian

This is Danielle Miller and she’s a vegetarian. She went veg years ago, like me, and she says it’s so much more convenient and easy nowadays. I completely agree. I went vegetarian 25 years ago. And now, I had to go vegan just to give myself a challenge. I mean, jeez, it’s almost TOO easy being a vegetarian these days ;)

One Response to Danielle Miller Is A Vegetarian

  1. Holy smokes. This is eerily similar a documentary project I’ve been developing for well over a year, “I’m Vegan”. Of course this is a PSA (ad), and it’s for vegetarianism, not veganism (which is confusing, given PETA’s alleged support for animal rights). This is also a simple studio-type shoot, instead of a profile that gives you a chance to actually get to know a vegan in his or her own world, so “I’m Vegan” is definitely covering more cinematic ground,… but how odd.

    Eric Prescotts last blog post..Thanking the Monkey


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