Cookbook Review: Grilling Vegan Style

Cookbook Review: Grilling Vegan Style

For some reason many people think BBQs are purely for meat-eaters. The notion of a vegetarian or vegan BBQ is completely foreign to them.

But a BBQ grill is s imply an outdoor stove. Anything you can cook indoors on a stove can be cooked outdoors on a BBQ. In fact, there are so many grilling accessories now that you can cook almost anything you can imagine from pizza to stir fry on a BBQ.

Plenty of vegans love to cook outdoors. There’s just something so fantastic about being outside on a warm Summer evening with the tree leaves rustling and the birds chirping. The smell of mesquite or pine burning reminds me of camp, friends and family, stories and songs, laughter and wonder.

I received a review copy of Grilling Vegan Style just in time for Summer BBQs. First, I was impressed with the cover. It’s an attractive book that inspires Summer fun with it’s yellow and orange tones. It’s also a good size for a cookbook. This isn’t one of those pocket sized cookbooks that remind you that vegans are a minority. This is a normal sized cookbook that fits right in with my other vegan cookbooks. I also appreciate that the recipes are contained to one page each. I just hate cookbooks where recipes are so long or so crammed together than one must turn the page to read the whole thing, Invariably, I will miss a detail and ruin the recipe if I have to turn the page. So overall, the design and layout of Grilling Vegan Style is great.

The beginning of the book offers some information and advice about grilling in general. This is particularly helpful to anyone who is new to BBQing. There’s more here than what’s in your BBQ manual, so read up and learn some helpful tips. These tips will make your food taste better and keep you and your friends safe.

Armed with my handy new portable gas grill I tested out some of the recipes in Grilling Vegan Style. While the cookbook offers a number of veggie burger recipes the bulk of the book is about veggies, fruits, sauces, and even drinks. I think the author, John Schlimm, should have included more veggie burger, veggie sausage, and other veggie meat recipes. I tried the Southwestern Burgers. They were very tasty (a combination of black beans and sunflower seeds) but were difficult to grill. It’s likely that I didn’t use enough oil to coat the burgers and/or I need more grill skills, but I was disappointed with how crumbly the burgers became. I was much more satisfied with storebought Gardein Ultimate Beefless Burgers coated with a vegan BBQ sauce. However, Grilling Vegan Style earned back my affection with a few of the sauce recipes and some simple grilled veggies, like the Crispy Green Beans and Cajun Sauce. YUM!

I’m going to continue experimenting with the recipes from this book and I’m sure I’ll be delighted. Just reading through them I can tell they are creative, fun, and tasty.

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  1. This sounds like a book I could use! Even though I only have a George Foreman grill.


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