Climate Change Blog Action Day

Climate Change Blog Action Day

Today is “Blog Day of Action” and the theme is Climate Change.

We all know the most effective, easiest, and healthiest personal choice you can make to reduce climate change is to go vegan.

So I’m going to keep this blog post simple: GO VEGAN!

But if you’re unwilling to go vegan right now, start slow: Meatless Mondays. Cut your meat consumption by 15% and make a REAL difference for animals, the planet, and your health.

And if you still need some more encouragement and/or you want to know more about the connection between diet and climate change, please take a look at these previous Vegan Soapbox posts about climate change:

3 Responses to Climate Change Blog Action Day

  1. I participated in B.A.D this year too. Hope you check out my post.
    .-= jeni treehugger´s last blog ..Vegan MoFo Day#15 Blog Action Day =-.

  2. The Blog Action day people say:

    “you and bloggers in 155 countries across six continents wrote about a single issue that impacts us all, and turned Blog Action Day 2009 into one of the largest social change events ever held on the web.” [...]

    “We hit 31,000 total trackable blog posts, and our current estimate is that together we reached at least 17.9 million people yesterday.”


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