Are You A V.I.P.?

OK, so let’s say that right now you’re an omnivore. Or maybe you’re a lacto-ovo vegetarian. You are not a vegan. At least not yet.

Let’s also say you’ve been reading and watching. You’ve been paying attention. You have become educated on the issues involved in veganism.

You know that the vast majority of animal-based agribusiness is horrifically cruel as well as terrible for the environment. You know how to meet your nutritional needs without consuming animal products. And you know there are resources to help you learn how to dine out as a vegan, keep costs low, and learn to cook vegan food.

You even know a variety of answers to the “Where do you get your protein?” question.

But let’s say that none of this has been enough to convince you to go fully vegan. Maybe you’ve even tried to go vegan before and your first attempt failed. Maybe you “just love cheese too much” or maybe your current living situation makes you feel like veganism is “too difficult.” You stick to a diet that is largely plant-based, and you really try to eat vegan as much as possible, but you just don’t feel like the vegan label applies to you. At least not yet.

So what should you call yourself?

You’re a “Vegan In Progress.” You’re a V.I.P.

4 Responses to Are You A V.I.P.?

  1. I am so very, very, V.I.P., & having fun!

  2. I’m like Nicolas’s Cage’s child {he suddenly became a vegetarian at 8, for the Aliens only took children with empathy towards all Sentient Beings} was in the movie “Knowing” where i KNEW in the 60s after (now thankfully) being exposed to Chicago’s Stockyard (Slaughterhouse) at the tender age of 9yo, (my dad own a Bar B Q restaurant) that I was about to become a V.I.P while existing in G.O.D.=GreatOutDoors now after receiving my G.P.A.=Grand Person Achievement of 5.1 (51yo)


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