Animal Friendly Volunteer Opportunities In Vegas

If you or anyone you know is looking for volunteer opportunities, here are a few animal related options in my area, Las Vegas, Nevada:

Nevada SPCA
This is a no-kill shelter right here in Las Vegas. They house cats and dogs mostly, but also take in the random pig, ferret, or bird.

I volunteered there a few years ago walking dogs and I helped train basic obedience to one pit mix. It was a great way to get my feet wet before leaping into dog guardianship and it also let me spend time with dogs when I wasn’t able to adopt one myself because I lived in a no-dogs allowed apartment.

Volunteer efforts are wide-ranging and include the following:
* Socialize Animals (cuddling and loving)
* Walk dogs
* Brush cats
* Assist at adoption events & community events
* Photograph animals to put their pictures on adoption websites
* Help Clean
Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age, unless accompanied by parent or guardian. You’ll have to fill out a volunteer applications and if you work with the dogs, you’ll need a special dog orientation. For more information, please call 873-7722, email, or stop by the Nevada SPCA at 4800 W. Dewey Drive in Las Vegas.

They also accept donations. So if you have blankets, pet beds, bowls, toys, leashes or other animal items, you can just drop them off with the SPCA. And if you’re interested in fostering, they’ve got an application for that, too.

Noah’s Animal House
This is the animal shelter for the pets of women and families staying at the Shade Tree ( http://www.theshadetr… ), a women’s shelter dedicated mostly to survivors of abuse. As Hurricane Katrina made painfully obvious, many people will not leave dangerous situations without their pets. And if you know a little bit about abusive households, you know that abusers will sometimes use the family pet as a hostage. And many abusers abuse animals, too. Noah’s Animal House provides a save space for the pets of abused women and children.

This shelter has a very special place in my heart. I think it’s an excellent example of how helping animals IS helping people. Animal and human issues are related. They often overlap.

To volunteer, go to this page: http://www.theshadetr… and fill out the online application. You’ll need to do an orientation and a training and then you can start volunteering regularly. Men and women can volunteer, but young children are discouraged.

They are currently at capacity and desperately need foster parents. If you’re interested in being a foster for a pet in need, please contact them. They can also use donations. They’ll take money, medical supplies, kitty litter, cleaning supplies and more. You can drop off all donations at The Shade Tree on 1 West Owens (and Main Street) in North
Las Vegas. Call 702-385-0072 Ext 126 to make arrangements for large donations that require heavy lifting or a special temporary storage facility.

The Animal Foundation
This is the KILL shelter for Las Vegas. This is where I adopted one of my cats and one of my dogs.

If you’re looking to adopt, this is a great option because you will literally save a life. That said, the staff doesn’t get a chance to truly evaluate these animals. If you have special requirements, check out the Nevada SPCA where they have more and better information about their adoptive animals. Another note, if you’re looking for a specific breed or size that’s not a pit bull, look through ALL the kennels. It might seem like they only have pit bulls, but if you look around carefully you’ll see other dogs, too.

They have a large facility that’s virtually always at capacity. They need volunteers and foster parents to help out.

Interesting side note: the dog kennels are exceptionally environmentally friendly and have been recognized as an architectural achievement. That alone is worth a visit in my opinion.

Go here to fill out the volunteer or foster application: http://www.liedanimal…

PS – If you volunteer directly with animals it’s a good idea to be current on all your vaccines, especially Tetanus.

PPS – What are some good places to donate your time or money in your area?

4 Responses to Animal Friendly Volunteer Opportunities In Vegas

  1. i am intrested in volunteering im almost 14 but since i have a life ahead of me i wanted to do some volunteer work ive had expierence with all kinds of animals from snakes,dogs,cats,bunnies to even horses i worked on a ranch for almost 2 yeaars i was gonna become a proffesinal horse back rider but then i moved here im orginally from utah i use to volunteer there to ride nd take care of the horses im very intrested in working with animals if u have any recomendations please feel free to email at syndawilson @ thank you for your time(:~synda

  2. Love working with animals would love to volunteering my time

  3. Nathan Adelson Hospice is looking for volunteers to help our patients who have pets. It is called the “Pet Peace of Mind Program.” We are looking for animal friendly individuals who would like to help in transporting animals to vet appts and grooming. Dog walking. Pet waste cleanup. Delivering food and foster care. If interested please email me at
    Have a great day!

  4. Im only fourteen and i want to volunteer wit just me and my friends if you knoe a animal shelter that will accept my please let me know by leaving a comment below thank you


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