America’s Favorite Anti-Vegan

America’s Favorite Anti-Vegan

Three brave anti-vegans have stepped up and submitted comments to the Soapbox that violated our comment policy and thus were rejected. However, they’ve gotten a second chance at being published in the…

America’s Favorite Anti-Vegan Contest!

Please vote for your favorite below.

Contestant number one is might-makes-right-Johnny. He wrote:

“God made us superior over animals so we could survive, and we are better than animals otherwise tehy [sic] would find a way to take over the world and kill all of us off, but we don’t see that happening do we?”

Perhaps he’d argue that women who can’t fight off their rapists deserve to get raped, too?

Contestant number two, moral-relativist-Bobby, says:

“all eating requires taking a life. Who is to judge which life is more or less important to take. Or which one is right or wrong.”

The sentient beings – the animals – trying to run away, biting and scratching, screaming in pain, begging for mercy… they’re the ones who are fit to judge you, Bobby. They’re the ones that humans intuitively know are “more important,” which is why seeing animals being killed is more disturbing than seeing images of plants being killed.

Contestant number three worries about too many cows. Imagination-challenged-Sam writes:

“If every human being was a vegetarian, it would lead to overpopulation of cattle in the world, since their reproduction and multiplication is very swift.”

Apparently, the only birth control Sam knows is the kill ‘em and eat ‘em kind. In his puny imagination, there’s no room for farm animal sanctuaries which prohibit reproduction by separating the females from males, neutering some animals, or using birth control medication. Don’t take a sex-ed class from this guy!

Who gets your vote? Who should we name “America’s Favorite Anti-Vegan”???

6 Responses to America’s Favorite Anti-Vegan

  1. I vote for Sam. Although he raises a good point, with cattle overpopulating the world as he thinks they would, we wouldn’t want low income housing or project type housing for the cattle, because that would lead to criminal cattle behavior like selling illegal hay/straw to each other or WORSE to underaged calves, god forbid. Sorry Sam #FAIL! He may also think that bees would swarm the globe if we stopped using honey – very scifi – and I don’t even want to imagine how dangerous oceans, lakes and rivers will become once the fish/crustaceans take over, I mean what will we do?

  2. I vote for Johnny- his statement dabbles into religion, stupidity, and ignorance. Although Sam’s statement is completely wrong, it is a more common argument against vegans than Johnny’s.

  3. “He who does not possess power loses the right to life,” wrote Hitler. Might-makes-right-Johnny is in good company. He wins.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..Beware the sophists under a flag of neutrality =-.

  4. Johnny for sure – he demonstrates the level of intelligence of a vegan-hater. He is really representing! :)
    .-= mindy´s last blog ..How All Farm Animals Should Live =-.

  5. Concerning contestant #3: If a large percentage of the world’s population went vegan they simply would raise less cattle and hogs. They wouldn’t release the animals to multiply in the wild. Humans have complete control over their population. I admit these animals are raised just to the age that they would make good food then they are slaughtered. I think it is better to have a short life than none at all.
    I think we have canine teeth for a reason.

  6. Regardless of whether a death is disturbing, it’s still a life. Also, a short but happy life is better than no life at all. I agree with humane treatment of animals, but not veganism. And aren’t there enough vegan forums already? We also don’t need to eat vegetables. We don’t need lots of stuff like cars, houses, flush toilets, air conditioning, checkers, or forums. But it makes life better, and that’s the thing. We could just live in caves and drink that fluid that keeps people with comas alive. But we don’t. I am speaking politely, and I am stating my opinion. As the constitution says we have freedom of speech. You also pretty much just personally attacked those anti-vegans.


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