ALDF: This Is Who We Are

The ALDF just posted this video on their YouTube account. Here’s their description:

Last year, Americans spent roughly $18 billion dollars on coffee – and virtually nothing to protect animals from some of the worst abuses imaginable. Is this who we are?

At the Animal Legal Defense Fund — — we believe that we are better than that – and were fighting every day to win the case against cruelty for our countrys animals.

Ready to take action? Sign ALDFs Animal Bill of Rights to let your Congresspersons know that you believe animals deserve better. Sign on your support and speak out to your lawmakers today!

Here’s a direct link to the video for viewers who may want to bookmark it and spread it on their facebook pages, twitter accounts, or in their own blogs:

One Response to ALDF: This Is Who We Are

  1. These are the kinds of stories of which everyone should be aware of. The message is so critical and essential for everyone to see.


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