Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adopt, Don’t Shop demonstration across the nation!

The Saturday before Christmas is the biggest puppy buying day of the year. Because there are plenty of wonderful animals available for adoption in animal shelters who may DIE if they are not adopted, caring people all over the US will stand with signs or pass out fliers to encourage people to adopt, don’t shop for an animal companion.

You can join them!

Your local pet store:
When: December 20th, 12-3 pm
Where: Your local pet shop

Contact your local animal rights or animal welfare organization and see if they have anything planned. There are scheduled events in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
See IDA for more info >>
Or organize your own demonstration. Here’s a guide >>

Direct, person to person: You can go and stand outside on public space (sidewalks or parking areas usually) holding signs and and handing out literature about puppy mills and pet stores. Talk to people and encourage them to go to the animal shelter instead.

Indirect: Park your car in front of the store and put a sign in your window that says, “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” Have another sign that lists the local shelter addresses.

When: Saturday, December 20, all day
Where: Your blog, your facebook, your myspace, your Twitter

Please encourage people to adopt, don’t shop. Post pictures of adoptable pets from or and provide links. Write stories about how wonderful your own adopted family member is. Send an ecard to someone you think might buy a puppy from a petstore. Do whatever you can to encourage people to adopt from an animal shelter instead of buying from a pet store.

4 Responses to Adopt, Don’t Shop

  1. Brilliant! Love it. Thanks for the spreading this message.


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