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Vegan Soapbox began when omnivores told a vegan to “get off your soapbox.” The vegan looked around, thought a bit, and realized, I don’t have a soapbox. So the vegan created one. That was in 2007.

Vegan Soapbox is designed to discuss various vegan news, views, and stews as well as to formulate, expand, and critique animal rights, animal liberation, animal welfare, and veganism theories.

There are times of random musings (and mewsings): Vegan Soapbox features the occasional cat-blogging, vegan recipes and veg stores, restaurant reviews and cookbook reviews, news about vegans, vegan blog recommendations, vegan snark and more.

Vegan Soapbox will likely host considerable debate. However, this is a safe space for vegans. No vegan-bashing allowed. Discussion policies are below.

There are a variety of writers at Vegan Soapbox. Guest writers are welcome. Vegan Soapbox welcomes writers, photographers, and illustrators. Submission guidelines are below.

Vegan Soapbox is owned and operated by vegans. Vegan Soapbox is not associated with any particular vegan or animal rights organization. The views expressed here are those of the authors alone, are subject to change, and may not represent the views of their employers, the organizations discussed, or any other organization. The ideas presented on Vegan Soapbox are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

Do you have more questions or concerns about Vegan Soapbox? Check out the FAQ (frequently asked questions) below. If your question isn’t answered, please leave a comment.

Discussion Policy

Please follow these guidelines when posting a comment:

  • No pro-meat, pro-dairy, pro-eggs, pro-hunting, or anti-animal discussion.
  • No personal attacks. Argue against the idea, not the person.
  • No content inappropriate for minors, such as profanity, sexual content, promoting illegal activities, etc.
  • No racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist, abilist or otherwise hateful comments. Be aware that some comments may be offensive to others. Those comments will likely be deleted or edited.
  • No posting of copyrighted material. If you post a copyrighted piece of work post only a section of the work and a link or citation to the rest.
  • No spamming. Make sure your comment is relevant to the discussion.
  • No lying. If you aren’t sure about something, do some fact checking and cite your source with a link or name of the document.
  • Do not discourage other people from posting comments.
  • Report discussion policy violations by contacting Vegan Soapbox or by commenting yourself with a description of the violation.
  • Vegan Soapbox may edit, delete, reject or remove any comment at any time.
  • Try to keep a sense of humor about things.

Submission Guidelines

Vegan Soapbox welcomes submissions from vegan and vegetarian writers.

Of particular interest to Vegan Soapbox are articles relating to news about animals, animal rights, and veganism as well as articles about animal rights theory. Also of interest are vegan recipes, reviews of vegan cookbooks and vegan products, vegan and vegetarian restaurant reviews, vegan blog and band recommendations, and humor relating to animal rights and veganism.

Articles should be written mostly with a NONvegan audience in mind. Clearly, many Vegan Soapbox readers are vegan, but the point of this website is to promote veganism. We want to encourage people to go and stay vegan. That means: keep the infighting to a minimum. Criticism is fine, just make it constructive. Offer solutions and resources.

Articles should be about three to seven paragraphs long. They should begin with a catchy opening line, a well rounded discussion of the topic, and the article should end with a strong pro-vegan statement or a question to the vegan community. For example, an article might begin, “Some vegans won’t date omnivores,” then the article might include some statistics from a survey and end with “Vegans, do you date omnivores?”

An example of a Vegan Soapbox article outline:

  1. Introduction: “Everyone should go vegan.”
  2. Body: “Veganism is good for these reasons: animals, human health, the environment.”
  3. Conclusion: “Do the right thing. Go vegan today.”

Articles should not include any anti-animal discussion. They should be free of profanity and relatively child-friendly. The articles should be the author’s original work and not copyrighted by another writer. If you include a copyrighted piece, include only a section of the work and a citation to the rest. You may republish or crosspost articles written for other websites and blogs.

If you have a photo, photo idea, or video for the article, please share that as well. Photos are best when sized 300 pixels by 175 pixels. Videos must be hosted by another website, for example YouTube.

If you’d like to submit an article or video to Vegan Soapbox to be published here, please email your submission to admin@vegansoapbox.com. Please include the article in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Emails that do not contain an article in the body will be ignored.

We are looking forward to reading your submissions!

Vegan Soapbox F.A.Q.

What is a vegan? Where do you get your protein? What about honey?
The answer to these questions and more can be found by doing a search through the Vegan Soapbox archives or you can visit specialized vegan FAQ websites. We’ve collected some here >>

I’m writing a paper about veganism. Help!
Here is a list of helpful information. Also, check out the resource section and the links section.

I want a soapbox!
If you’d like to write for Vegan Soapbox, please submit an article according to the Submissions Guidelines above.
If you’d simply like to write about veganism, go for it! The more vegan websites the better!

Why aren’t there Vegan Soapbox forums?
There are no forums currently at Vegan Soapbox because there are so many other great vegan, vegetarian, and animal rights forums elsewhere on the web. If there becomes a time when Vegan Soapbox readers and writers need or want a forum, perhaps one will be created. But until then, please visit the other vegan forums online. Here is a selection of some popular vegan forums, in alphabetical order:

Do you make money from this website?

Yes. But not very much. It’s not enough to buy groceries or pay a mortgage; it’s barely enough to pay for web hosting. Please support Vegan Soapbox!

Will Vegan Soapbox review my vegan product?
Probably. Send your product and product description to:

Vegan Soapbox
c/o Elaine Vigneault
10624 S. Eastern Ave. A-995
Henderson, Nevada 89052

Please only send products that are 100% vegan. That means no animal products or ingredients whatsoever.

Vegan Soapbox cannot guarantee a review of every product. However, if your product is reviewed it will be done fairly, honestly, and in a timely manner. Vegan Soapbox will not return products and may use them in unexpected ways.

Can I have permission to use a photo?
Sorry, we can’t give you that. Most of these photos are already in the public domain so you don’t need to ask our permission anyway. The other photos are property of the individual contributors.

I have another question that hasn’t been answered.
If your question about Vegan Soapbox hasn’t been answered, please email admin@vegansoapbox.com.