A List Of Veggie Meats

ADAPTT’s list of Veggie Meats (I emboldened my favorites and added comments in italics):

  • Anything by IT’S ALL GOOD. They have some of the best veggie beef and chicken on the market. Check out their website at www.itsallgoodfoods.com.
  • LIGHTLIFE vegan products are fantastic! Check out the chik’n strips, steak strips, smart bacon, smoky tempeh bacon, pepperoni, plus the ham, bologna and turkey deli meats. The deli slices are great for quick sandwiches.
  • The citrus sparerib cutlets by VEGETARIAN PLUS are fantastic. VEGETARIAN PLUS has some other VEGAN products like tuna rolls, orange chicken, shrimp and kung pao chicken. Make sure to read the ingredient list for other VP products because some of their foods are only vegetarian (containing eggs or dairy). I’ve seen these at Whole Foods.
  • Any of WORTHINGTON’S canned goods are wonderful, especially their dogs, chili, and skallops. However, the canned TUNO fish is horrible! Don’t buy it. They used to make a frozen version of TUNO, which was utterly amazing, but they’ve stopped making it for some reason.
  • Riblets, burgers, meatloaf and chicken patties by GARDENBURGER. These products are commonly available in mainstream grocery stores.
  • Chicken patties, potstickers and egg rolls by HEALTH IS WEALTH. These foods are fun!
  • BOCA vegan burgers. BOCA has a huge line of veggie goods but most are only vegetarian (containing eggs or dairy). A lot of people love the texture of Boca burgers.
  • TOFURKY by TURTLE ISLAND FOODS. Don’t forget to check out the TOFURKY deli slices (6 different flavors), pizza (3 flavors but avoid the fire-roasted veggies one), Italian sausage, beer bratwursts, kielbasa, franks, breakfast links, jerky and tempeh strips (3 different flavors). Turtle Island also makes some really tasty desserts.
  • Meatless Meatballs by NATE’S. These are fun to add to spaghetti.
  • YVES has a huge selection of vegan foods like burgers and deli meats.
  • MORNINGSTAR makes a huge line of veg food. But most items contain eggs or dairy so they’re not vegan. A few new VEGAN products – chicken and steak strips, ribs and a burger – have hit the market. These are usually easy to find and are a hit with omnis and even picky kids. Morningstar has promised to introduce more vegan products soon.
  • STUFFED CELEBRATION ROAST by FIELD ROAST GRAIN MEAT CO. This roast is made from wheat (seitan) and it’s remarkable! I’ve only seen this at Whole Foods so far. Field Roast also makes a meatloaf and some excellent sausages.
  • Anything by FIVE STAR FOODIES. They have a soy-free vegan burger made with artichokes (FANTASTIC!). Check out their website at www.fivestarfoodies.com.
  • Anything by BAHAMA. They’re a vegan company that uses rice instead of soy. They offer four flavors of rice burgers, plus sausage and meatballs. Check out their website at www.bahamariceburger.com.
  • FOOD FOR LIFE has chicken CLUCKPHREY and MOOPHREY burgers. Food For Life has been producing vegan, gluten-free breads under the brand name EZEKIEL for over 40 years.
  • MATCH veggie meats are super good. They have beef, chicken, crab, pork and sausage. Check ‘em out at www.MatchMeats.com. I hear good things about this product but I haven’t tried it yet.
  • UPTON’S NATURALS has four insanely delicious, ready-to-eat wheat meats (seitan) in the following flavors: Ground beef, Italian sausage, Chorizo and traditional. MELISSA’S also has SOYRIZO, a soy-based vegan chorizo.

The list is here: http://adaptt.org/shopping.html which is where you can also find a list of dairy substitutes and other useful vegan foods. It’s all there to help you go vegan or stay vegan. Check it out!

One more veg meat that wasn’t on ADAPTT’s list:

  • GARDEIN chicken is the best. They’re online at www.gardein.com. I’ve seen these at Fresh and Easy as well as Smith’s and Whole Foods.

If you can’t find vegan meats at your local grocery store, just print out this list and had it to the manager. Ask him/her to stock at least a few of the items on this list.

3 Responses to A List Of Veggie Meats

  1. Much of the items recommended contain GMOs. Genetically modified foods are tested on animals and there is increasing evidence that they are harmful to human health. The Vegan Society has a clear, no gmo policy when it comes to certifying foods as vegan. Are food ingredients which are tested on animals and are easily avoidable acceptable to promote or consume in your opinion?

    For more info please read: Are GMOs Vegan?

  2. “The Vegan Society has a clear, no gmo policy when it comes to certifying foods as vegan.”

    Im sorry but you are clearly misinformed. They clearly state “Products carrying the Society’s trademark CAN CONTAIN GMOs, but must be clearly labelled and comply with the definition above”
    That definition being “In keeping with its vegan ethic, the Vegan Society is totally against the use of animal genes or animal substances in the development and production of GMOs”
    Considering the Flavr-Savr tomato with fish genes is NOT on the market anymore the majority, if not all, commercially available GMO crops are vegan be these standards since they were NOT produced with animal genes, they just want them clearly labeled.

    I highly suggest you check out the following posts written by vegan authors who have not fallen for the hype and misinfo about GMOs

    Frankenfood Fears

    Bt Cotton, Farmer Suicides, and Fluffy Thinking

    Vegan GMO Redux

    The IRRI – Conducting Genetic Modification We Can All Support

  3. thank you for re-posting the adaptt.org list! it contains all of my favorites and frankly, the majority of the brands have non-gmo standards. we are in the process of researching and adding a section to the adaptt.org website for those who want to avoid genetically engineered ingredients in addition to already avoiding animal ingredients. some of the companies we have contacted and whom have non-gmo standards include: turtle island foods (tofurky), gardein, vegetarian plus, five star foodies, health is wealth, worthington foods, follow your heart, silk, so delicious, earth balance, white wave, bragg, pro-bar, rudi’s, coconut bliss and more to follow!!


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