9 Incredible Vegan Resources

9 Incredible Vegan Resources

Here are some of my current favorite veg resources. These are your tools…

These are things to help you stay healthy, learn about animal and environmental issues, or use to convince others to join you on your vegan path. There are videos, a podcast, recipe database, and more…

Share these resources with your nonvegan friends and family members to help them think differently about animals. And be sure to bookmark this page or print it it out for your own reference…

  1. Vegan Video – a great, vegan inspiring video without graphic images. The focus is mostly on environmentalism.
  2. Earthlings - a feature length film about human-nonhuman interactions. The movie is available online in many different places.
  3. Farm to Fridge – a short documentary about the production of meat, dairy, and eggs
  4. Compassionate Cook Podcasts – a great aural resource for new vegans, vegetarians, or anyone interested in learning more about veganism and animal rights.
  5. Vegan Starter Kits – a variety of downloadable recipes, information, and resources.
  6. Vegan Health – a great set of detailed articles about nutrition for vegans
  7. Nutrition Facts – similar to Vegan Health but this one is mostly video-based rather than article-based
  8. PCRM’s Power Plate – a good visual guide for basic nutrition information, accessable and easy to use
  9. VegWeb – a huge database of vegan recipes complete with reviews and photos

What are some of your favorite resources? Please leave a link and description of your favorite vegan resources in the comments below…

4 Responses to 9 Incredible Vegan Resources

  1. There are some interesting resources here. Vegan-ism certainly has its place, but it would be ideal to take it a step further by examining “raw food” for this is the cleanest diet on earth, as a lot of vegan dishes can be leaded with processed junk.

  2. Fresh ‘N Lean makes vegan healthy and easy…

  3. Love the handy list! Thank you!

  4. vegan is easy. thanks for the list.


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