The 9 Most Disturbing Animal Videos Available Online Now

The 9 Most Disturbing Animal Videos Available Online Now

Here’s a collection of some of the most powerful and disturbing animal advocacy videos I’ve found online. Use them to inspire veganism:

  • Show them to your friends and family.
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UPDATE: New video from Mercy For Animals.
Farm To Fridge
Move over, Meet Your Meat, there’s a newer, better video that educates and inspires viewers to choose vegan.

Meet Your Meat:
This is one of the most popular animal advocacy videos available and has encouraged many people to go vegan.

Downed Dairy Cows Dragged To Slaughter:
This is the famous HSUS undercover video of Westland/Hallmark Meat’s slaughterhouse and how they used forklifts to shove sick cows into the kill box.

Behind the Mustache:
A disturbing video about dairy from the Farm Sanctuary.

Turkey Hatchery:
This is a video of an undercover investigation of a turkey hatchery.

Livestock Transportation:
This is what animals who are raised for food often have to endure.

Turkey Slaughter:
This is an undercover PETA video about Butterball turkey slaughter. It contains violent images and some profanity.

Livestock Auction:
This video is from Compassion Over Killing. It’s an investigation of livestock auctions.

If Pigs Could Talk:

Also worth watching:
Earthlings: a feature-length film about animal issues including segments about animals raised for food, animals as pets, and animals as entertainment.
Peaceable Kingdom: a feature-length film about animals raised for food and about people who care(d) for them.

40 Responses to The 9 Most Disturbing Animal Videos Available Online Now

  1. Its got to be one of the modt complicated and difficult issues existing in our time.How man needs to feed himself and the notion we are dependant on animals for food supply. In my opinion and as statistically insignicicant it may seem the issue can be met or comprimised when man is prepared to show greater respect and consideration towards living creatures. No wonder the saying goes “money is the root of all evil”.Over capitalising or being greedy at animals expense is I hope a Kharmic debt man will have to account for;just as his debt towards treatment of his fellow human being. Until man is prepared tp put “welfare” first and profit secondary will we begin to revolutionize the lives of all living things on this planet. To boldly go where no man has gone before……..I havent yet come across a leader who has the guts to stand up for Life first and Money second. Thank God for Ingred Newkirk who tries so hard to combat the perils man inflicts on the animal kingdom.Thank God she is here …now. Christine Carrales

  2. I have seen the video on You Tube regarding the squalor and ill treatment of the Factory Farming of Pigs. I want to act on this. I have followed the manager to his home and I wondered if I should publish his name and address on the internet. And is it legal?

  3. Dr. Know,

    Whether that’s legal or not depends where you live and what you publish. For legal advice, please consult a lawyer. I am not a lawyer and I don’t give legal advice.

    That said, it’s worth researching the AETA yourself. Here’s a link about that: and here’s a link about blogger’s rights to free speech:

    If you really want to act on what you saw in the video, please go vegan and encourage others to go vegan. That’s one of the best things you can do for the animals.

  4. although people know this goes on noone realy thinks about this they just see a turkey or a piece of beef or gammon n never stop to think how that once was a animal n how it may or may not have been treated,this has put me off the thought of a cooked meaty breakfast now :(

  5. 02/02/09 Denmark.

    Watching this video made me remember things i wish i could forget. I used to work on a farm here in Denmark, and i have seen people treat animals like that evry day. That´s why i had to qiut that job. I coulden´t take it, and i didden´t want to be a part of it. I don´t know what kind of “human” you have to be, to treat innocent annimals like this, and still sleep at night…? This goes on right now. As you are reading this, animal are suffering and going insane.
    I know- I´ve seen it with my own eyes.

  6. this is just sick and wrong what the HELL!!!!!!! do they think there doing to these poor creatures they have no f-cking right to do that to them

  7. “Earthlings” should definitely be on this list.

  8. Chocking videos of animals being hurt so badly that only God could recognize them. Im so sorry. I thank God for all the good things this world offers….but I also tell God to interfere directly in the lives of these poor animals that can suffer like a humang being.

    Please God interfere and send your Angel of Death to end this misery on those concentration camps where animals are destined to suffer daily and upon their death.

    Heilongjian, Shandong, Jalin and Hebei are Provinces in China
    where these men torture the animals daily.


  9. im an animal lover i have 5 dogs cats ducks chickens you name it i never expected that! it was horrible now when i see meat i will think of what it goes through to get to my plate i don t know what im going to do im not that in to veg but i cant eat meat again but cant we do anything about those poor animals some dead before they even have a life and those that live may wish they never had :(

  10. dear god, please end this suffering, this cant be the way you planned for this world,i pray for each and every animal past present and future that they dont suffer any more.that includes the people who do this to them. let them find joy and peace in the good treatment of all living things. i know this is an overwhelming task for a mere lady to take on alone but with your help and guidance and strength i ask you to use me to do your will. thankyou for the knowlege you have given me and many others to care for and protect the innocent and the meek. lord i pray for your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. in jesus name i pray,amen

  11. this is just terrible. i hope all of those men go to hell. i can just see the pain in their eyes. i am crying so hard right now

  12. It is thanks to undercover videos like these that I have completely turned my life around. I went vegetarian and slowly progressed to vegan after seeing MORE videos and decided I could no longer participate in this horror.

    Unfortunately, the masses do not get to see footage like this. TV will show horrible footage of death, war, torture, but refuses to air anything exposing the truth about the animals-for-food industry. So most people remain unknowing, with their ideals of green grass and animals roaming free on a pasture. Alot of my friends refuse to see the videos and treat me like a fool. I think anyone who refuses to acknowledge truth is ignorant anyway.

    Since going vegan, my tastebuds dance, my digestive system is happier and healthier and eating is fun now, not a RISK.

  13. I still do not believe that nothing can be done for this voice animals. How in the world can anybody do this and still be able to eat and sleep. These people have no heart and I am not asking God to forgive them because they know and are very aware on what they are doing. May God sent them a disease that they will regret. And I am sure that is exactly what God is doing now and when humanity is gone hopefully only animals will rule this world. It seems animals have more feeling than a human being. My family and I became vegan 2 years ago and do not miss eating meat. I am very happy that we can save some animals. Please try it you will not regret it there are so many ways to prepare food without meat.

  14. cant believe this actually a vegetarian not a vegan but after seeing this im thinking about giving up appalled and very upset it breaks my heart to see it.

  15. this is wrong and terrible, i can´t belive :O
    .-= CuidadosSaude´s last blog ..Colesterol, a doença cardiaca =-.

  16. i cryed for an hour when i saw those videos. that is disgusting and cruel. animals were not put here to be tortured and then executed to be our food. i have recently stoped eating meat. i cant stand to look at a hamburger and think of the poor cow it used to be.
    if people would do it the way it was ment to be done, on a farm, free range no steroids to make them fat no torturing the poor animals, i dont think theres a problem eating meat, but they should not have to endure the pain and suffering there put through.
    And for all of you sick basterds who are mistreating gods creatures god will judge you. he did not create cows chickens pigs etc. to be fliped over by fork lifts or draged by there legs or none of that sick Bull crap.
    we should respect them, like native americans respect the buffaolo, they would hold ceremonies to thank the animal for its life to feed them and provide them with blankets. etc.
    ugh this world is corrupt in so many ways its just sick.

    Save the cows. Dont eat meat!

  17. Honestly it just makes me sick to my stomach. I really don’t understand how people can be so cruel it’s like there hearts have been torn from there chest. Animals are living ,breathing , beautiful creatures . Humans need to wake the f%&*$ up .

  18. I am sad that technology has not abolished this type of behavior. It is sad that the industry has done this.

    I am in full support of or any other organization that offers a solution to this problem. None of my children drink milk afterthey were no longer interested in my milk. I even got my husband to drink soy milk now. My son had regular milk from her granny for a day the following day he had snow white stool for an entire day. I thought it wa sliver failure andit was just added barilium that his body was not used to processing. I believe it was from the “milk”

  19. This is a big problem, but we all have to eat. But not if the food comes in this way, someone should seriously address this. The Indians also hunted animals, but they dealt with them with respect, whether they are killed only when they had to feed, but even then they read the prayer for the souls of these animals.
    .-=´s last blog ..Interspecific predatory relationships =-.

  20. i just cant undersand how pplz can do that to animals i waz crying during these videos HOW CAN THEY DO THAT WITH NO FELLING BAD :( now i an goin to be a vegitarian :_( :_( :_(

  21. Hello.
    I’m sixteen years old, female. I’ve always wanted to go vegetarian, I have a strong love for animals. However I find I don’t have the will power to resist meat, therefore I searched for some shocking videos to help me finally see what I’m contributing to.

    I am now going to be a vegetarian starting today. It’ll be the first step to a new future for me, and for animals. I realise that meat will always be a part of the human food industry, but I want to help make living conditions and “slaughter” merciful, and reduced greatly in number.

    Just one question for all vegans/vegetarians. Are relapses normal? Just curious in case I stick to going veggie but one day, maybe slip up – eat a burger.

  22. Madison – You asked if “relapses” were “normal.”
    I don’t know exactly how common they are, but my personal experience and in talking to other vegans and vegetarians relapses are common enough that there’s nothing to worry about if you “fall off the wagon.” Just dust yourself off and get back on the compassionate train :)

  23. that s really painful ….. !

  24. Dominionism: the belief that one sentient being can own another has been the cause of nearly all animal suffering and all oppression for thousands of years It is the worldview of the human supremacist: The belief that man has a divine God-given Right to use animals and anything else in the living world for its own benefit. This belief that man was above the natural world created the moral justification for the destruction of nature. A God fearing society whose self-important beliefs which made themselves the image of God and everything else lesser and of little or no value. Man was made in Gods image, this is why women were not aloud to vote or own property. Believing in the wrong God created the moral justification for the treatment of Pacific Islanders, the justification for enslaving the blacks, for stealing the native americans country, It created the imperitive to breed which was enforced by law. Any sexual activity that did not directly lead to the possibility of impregnating a woman was a crime. This in turn has lead to a homophobic society.

    This is how it all started. Mans greedy, self absorbed sense of self and his need for external validation lead to religion. Religion lead to dominionism and dominionism created the justification for all the cruelty and oppression that followed. This has been the foundation of the agribusiness for thousands of years.

    The only way that this will ever end. The only way things will ever get better is for mankind to abolish dominionism. To recognize that no life, big or small is more important than another and that no sentient has the right to own or injure another unless it is in his own self defense or the defense of another who is unable to defend themselves.

  25. Relapses??? I quit eating meat nearly 25yrs ago. I couldn’t even imagine eating an animal again. I even did 4 months in jail and didn’t eat meat. I lost 20lbs in 2 weeks. even repeat violent offenders felt sorry for me and were giving me there veggies.. lol If you did have a relapse I wouldn’t let that stop me from trying again, you just have to watch the videos and and read the stories to get your conscience making your choices for you rather than cravings. But keep in mind… Like quitting smoking cigs, every time you give up and go back to what you were doing before it sets a precedent that makes it easier and easier each time ???? errrrrrrr Quit, Quitting

  26. I don’t believe publishing graphic videos like these should be any way to advocate an idea. I’m angry at the fact that I can’t seem to eat foods containing animal ingredients with feeling nausea or thinking about these poor creature getting slaughtered. The images are imprinted and my head payback like a d** recording. Well, good for all of you. Your message was received and according to my body, understood. But at what expense? Nausea and constant loss of appetite? All you guys are doing is forcing people to think your way not considering people like me.

    Thanks for making me sick

  27. I am going to save the above best exposure of livestock, as I just can not bear to see anymore after viewing…MEET YOUR MEAT. I hope more Networks will follow NBC in exposing. the cruel abusers in our World. I can not even consider eating meat anymore. I wish the crowd. that was after Cigarette Smoke would form a movement against animal cruelty. There needs to be as huge uprising. to demand change and say..YES WE CAN …STOP THIS ABUSE.


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