2010 Resolutions & Best Of 2009

2010 Resolutions & Best Of 2009

Taking a look back at 2009 it’s difficult to choose “the best.”

There were lots of good articles. And plenty of great links to other websites’ vegan articles.

But here are six of my favorite posts that I’ve written for the Soapbox:

  1. Review of Death on a Factory Farm
  2. 101 Vegan Breakfasts
  3. Why Milk Is Vegan
  4. Why Women Should Care About Animals
  5. 11 Articles About Meat and the Environment
  6. Slow The Line

I resolve to continue writing for Vegan Soapbox.If you’re a vegan and you like to write, please consider contributing an article to Vegan Soapbox in 2010. Writing an article or two will not only help promote veganism, it will also help promote you, your website, or your group.

More “Best of 2009″: Another way to judge “the best” is to look at the data. According to Google Analytics, the parts of Vegan Soapbox that received the most traffic during 2009 were:

  1. The recipe search
  2. The video section and the post with 8 videos
  3. Information about potlucks, fast food, and food in general
  4. The article about how animal testing is cruel (which received over 15,000 pageviews) and the animal testing section
  5. The pigs post
  6. Ed’s description of his weightloss

What were some of your favorite posts at Vegan Soapbox? What kinds of articles would you like to see more of?

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