10 Veg Energy Foods

Spark People listed their 10 Favorite Energy Foods. And guess what? They’re ALL vegetarian and 9 of them are vegan.

1. Whole wheat pasta
2. Oatmeal
3. Fruit smoothies made with low-fat yogurt
4. Peanut butter
5. Dried fruit (apricots, cranberries, raisins, figs)
6. Yams
7. Beans
8. Apples
9. Carrots
10. Chickpeas

Here’s the link to the entire article, where they also say:

“You’re body’s preferred energy source is carbohydrates.  But the key is eating the right kinds of carbs, ones that will give you that much-needed energy without sending your energy levels crashing. ”

“The solution? Keep your carb levels on an even keel to avoid those sugary spikes. Since your blood sugar drops four hours after eating, it means eating more frequent, smaller meals. It means concentrating on low-fat, high-fiber foods and complex carbs – these are broken down slowly and steadily, giving you regular energy throughout the day.”

If you’re looking for a substitute for dairy yogurt, consider soy or coconut milk yogurt. I like So Delicious cultured non-dairy yogurts because they have probiotics. They also have B12 and calcium.

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